There will come a time when items in store need to be destroyed. Depending on the item, this may be confidential destruction or simple disposal. If items have a destruction date on them when they are brought to the store, this date will be entered against that item and the client will be contacted at that time to confirm destruction is to take place. The client may also request destruction of items at any time.

Confidential Destruction

Upon receipt of an order to confidentially destroy items, instructions relevant to those items will be created within ProStore as with any movements. All paper and cardboard will then be shredded and recycled. A destruction certificate is issued, which with the original order and instruction, will show a clear audit trail of the secure destruction of the items.

If there is a requirement for confidential material at the clients premises to be shredded, Seager will supply confidential waste sacks and security tags. Once the sacks are filled and sealed, collection will be arranged and the contents dealt with as any other confidential destruction.

Simple Disposal

If items are to be simply destroyed, Seager will ensure they are destroyed by the most effective and environmentally friendly method. As with confidential destruction, an instruction will be created by ProStore to show a clear audit trail of the destruction.

Disposal of items will be subject a movement fee and whenever possible we will recycle any items in line with our current environmental policy.