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and a further facility was opened nearby with an additional 4,500 square feet. Seager had 243 clients, mainly based within the City and West End of London.

In March 2006, the Company bought a newly built warehouse in South East London. It is now equipped with new open racking that confirms to BS 5454, with temperature and humidity being continuously monitored. At the same time we invested in the latest Archive Management System called “ProStore”. The system includes bar coding for the individual identification of items, as well as the ability for Clients to view the status and details of their items online.

The Ethos of Seager has always been

o To offer professional, personal service to companies or individuals wishing to archive documents.
o To ensure the storage facility is secure and items stored are not subject to damp, vermin, misuse or abuse.
o To give Clients total flexibility over the timing of the retrieval or collection of their items.
o To offer the same level of care to all Clients irrespective of the number of items they have stored.
o To be able to adapt to the various changing needs of clients by investing in new technology and practices to facilitate their archiving.
o To have the flexibility to be in a position to offer competitive or discounts storage rates for larger clients.