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About the Company

The aim of Seager has always been to provide a professional archive facility based on high levels of service and security together with an attention to detail, thereby facilitating clients in their archive storage.


In 1994, one of the current directors, Michael Charman, a former police officer, was approached to store some very valuable items. Unable to find a suitable storage company at the time, he decided to organize his own secure storage facility with the emphasis on service, integrity and trust.


Within a short period of time, knowledge of this facility was spread by word of mouth, resulting in a dramatic increase in the amount of space required. In 1996 Seager Enterprises Limited was formed with Seager Storage becoming a trading name. At the same time the Company moved to more suitable premises near Blackfriars Bridge, SE1 which had over 6,000 square feet of available storage space and began to advertise its facility and storage services to commercial organizations,. Immediately enquiries began to come in from Insurance Companies, Solicitors, Accountants and other Professional Bodies who had a requirement for secure storage facilities, together with a high level of personal service. As the client base increased, so too did the need for suitable space. By 2001 the site at Blackfriars had expanded to over 13,000 square feet