Secure Archive Storage

Today the Company benefits from a brand new warehouse, on a very secure site. Access to, and within, the building is controlled by electronic locks and monitored by our CCTV. The premises are manned 24/7 to facilitate instant retrieval of items as well as for the security of all items. Fire is taken as the most serious risk to items in store. All staff undergo training in the risk and prevention of fire and the premises are protected with optical and heat detectors. A Redcare monitored alarm system also protects the building and personnel.

All items in store are grouped into specific types such as A4 box or Seager box, as well as having their own unique ID or Bar Code. This not only makes it easy to locate any item, but also allows for all movements connected with an item to be recorded on an audit trail.

All orders concerning items must be in writing, either by email, fax or letter. Once received, they are converted into a standard Instruction by ProStore, which is the start of the audit process. If the order is for a collection and the items are identified, a search is made of that clients existing storage to ensure there is not a duplication of numbering. If it is for retrieval, ProStore will automatically locate the items and print them out in order for ease of picking. ProStore will then produce an Instruction for the movement in duplicate, one copy of which is left with the client when items are delivered or collected.


As all items are individually identified, it is logical that each type of item has its own specific cost. These start for as little as £1.50 a year for a small box. Each contract is accompanied by a “Schedule A” which lists each type of item stored, along with the relevant cost.

All invoices are accompanied by a movement/storage analysis, detailing the items or Instructions making up that invoice. Clients can be invoiced monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually, depending on requirement.