Secure Archive Storage

Based on years of experience in handling a variety of makes and types of archive boxes, Seager has designed two unique types of archive box. One is the size of a normal archive box, similar to the R-Kive 728 or Viking ASB01, and called the SS2. The other is wider and longer and similar to a Panda size called SS3.

Apart from being double and treble sided for extra support, what makes our boxes unique is that they have been made 10 mm higher than other boxes to accommodate box files without affecting the integrity of the box.

All boxes come flat-packed with a lid and are simple to assemble, with sample costs shown below.

SS2 (Seager Style) L380 x W330 x H267

SS3 (Panda Style) L420 x W370 x H280

Pack 5 (S2) £2.35 each(SS3) £2.95 each £11.75 + VAT £14.75 + VAT
Pack 20 (SS2) £1.85 each(SS3) £2.12 each £37.00 + VAT £42.50 + VAT
Pack 100 + (SS2) £1.75 each (SS3) £1.85 each £175.00 + VAT £185.00 + VAT