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Seager House
65 White Hart Avenue
London SE28 0GW

Tel: 020 8317 5895
Fax: 020 8317 6812

About the Company

The aim of Seager has always been to provide a professional archive facility based on high levels of service and security together with an attention to detail, thereby facilitating clients in their archive storage.


In 1994, one of the current directors, Michael Charman, a former police officer, was approached to store some very valuable items. Unable to find a suitable storage company at the time, he decided to organize his own secure storage facility with the emphasis on service, integrity and trust.


Within a short period of time, knowledge of this facility was spread by word of mouth, resulting in a dramatic increase in the amount of space required. In 1996 Seager Enterprises Limited was formed with Seager Storage becoming a trading name. At the same time the Company moved to more suitable premises near Blackfriars Bridge, SE1 which had over 6,000 square feet of available storage space and began to advertise its facility and storage services to commercial organizations,. Immediately enquiries began to come in from Insurance Companies, Solicitors, Accountants and other Professional Bodies who had a requirement for secure storage facilities, together with a high level of personal service. As the client base increased, so too did the need for suitable space. By 2001 the site at Blackfriars had expanded to over 13,000 square feet

and a further facility was opened nearby with an additional 4,500 square feet. Seager had 243 clients, mainly based within the City and West End of London.

In March 2006, the Company bought a newly built warehouse in South East London. It is now equipped with new open racking that confirms to BS 5454, with temperature and humidity being continuously monitored. At the same time we invested in the latest Archive Management System called “ProStore”. The system includes bar coding for the individual identification of items, as well as the ability for Clients to view the status and details of their items online.

The Ethos of Seager has always been

o To offer professional, personal service to companies or individuals wishing to archive documents.
o To ensure the storage facility is secure and items stored are not subject to damp, vermin, misuse or abuse.
o To give Clients total flexibility over the timing of the retrieval or collection of their items.
o To offer the same level of care to all Clients irrespective of the number of items they have stored.
o To be able to adapt to the various changing needs of clients by investing in new technology and practices to facilitate their archiving.
o To have the flexibility to be in a position to offer competitive or discounts storage rates for larger clients.

Secure Archive Storage


Today the Company benefits from a brand new warehouse, on a very secure site. Access to, and within, the building is controlled by electronic locks and monitored by our CCTV. The premises are manned 24/7 to facilitate instant retrieval of items as well as for the security of all items. Fire is taken as the most serious risk to items in store. All staff undergo training in the risk and prevention of fire and the premises are protected with optical and heat detectors. A Redcare monitored alarm system also protects the building and personnel.

All items in store are grouped into specific types such as A4 box or Seager box, as well as having their own unique ID or Bar Code. This not only makes it easy to locate any item, but also allows for all movements connected with an item to be recorded on an audit trail.

All orders concerning items must be in writing, either by email, fax or letter. Once received, they are converted into a standard Instruction by ProStore, which is the start of the audit process. If the order is for a collection and the items are identified, a search is made of that clients existing storage to ensure there is not a duplication of numbering. If it is for retrieval, ProStore will automatically locate the items and print them out in order for ease of picking. ProStore will then produce an Instruction for the movement in duplicate, one copy of which is left with the client when items are delivered or collected.

As all items are individually identified, it is logical that each type of item has its own specific cost. These start for as little as £1.50 a year for a small box. Each contract is accompanied by a “Schedule A” which lists each type of item stored, along with the relevant cost.

All invoices are accompanied by a movement/storage analysis, detailing the items or Instructions making up that invoice. Clients can be invoiced monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually, depending on requirement.

Archive Boxes

Based on years of experience in handling a variety of makes and types of archive boxes, Seager has designed two unique types of archive box. One is the size of a normal archive box, similar to the R-Kive 728 or Viking ASB01, and called the SS2. The other is wider and longer and similar to a Panda size called SS3.

Apart from being double and treble sided for extra support, what makes our boxes unique is that they have been made 10 mm higher than other boxes to accommodate box files without affecting the integrity of the box.

All boxes come flat-packed with a lid and are simple to assemble, with sample costs shown below.

SS2 (Seager Style) L380 x W330 x H267

SS3 (Panda Style) L420 x W370 x H280

Pack 5

(S2) £2.35 each

(SS3) £2.95 each

£11.75 + VAT

£14.75 + VAT

Pack 20

(SS2) £1.85 each

(SS3) £2.12 each

£37.00 + VAT

£42.50 + VAT

Pack 100 +

(SS2) £1.75 each

(SS3) £1.85 each

£175.00 + VAT

£185.00 + VAT


Transport Charges

All collections and deliveries are charged at a set rate, dependant on location. The client therefore, will never be responsible for any extra time incurred due to traffic problems. This cost allows for 10 minutes on site to collect or deliver the items. Any extra time on site is chargeable at £5 + VAT for every additional ten minutes.

If the client does not have their own parking or loading facilities or there is no parking in the area, the client will be responsible for any parking fines incurred.

Collections & Retrievals

All requests for movements to and from the warehouse must be in writing, usually by email or fax. These requests are then converted into an instruction by ProStore. The instruction is given a unique reference number and a copy is left with the client at the time of the delivery/collection.


Items brought to or retrieved from the warehouse will incur a nominal charge to cover the cost for printing labels and putting away or picking items.


All invoices for collections/deliveries are accompanied with a movement analysis, which details each movement by instruction number and date.

Electronic Storage

Every day businesses are under constant threat without them even realising it. By that it is meant their precious business data, vital for running their business, may be on a knife’s edge away from being lost, corrupted, damaged or even stolen. Imagine the consequences to any businesses’ future if that were to happen.

The thought of something that catastrophic is barely worth thinking about. However businesses have had this nightmare happen to them. For example, a recent study showed that 90% of business that lost their core data for more than 10 days went bankrupt within a year!

Not only could the business or important data be lost, but amendments to the Data Protection Act, which came into force in April 2011, could lead to data controllers and the businesses they work for being liable for up to £500,000 for breaches of the act. That is because they have a responsibility to their customers, employees and their business to ensure that their data is in safe hands.

As part of our ongoing commitment to be able to adapt to the various changing needs of clients by investing in new technology and practices to facilitate their archiving, Seager has partnered with the industry leading “Secure Online Backups” and can now offer a secure and comprehensive service.

Seager also offer a scanning service that is linked to ProStore. For as little as few pence per image we will scan your documents into files for easy access and reading anywhere in the world. The files are kept on a very secure server with access only being available by using a military standard encryption key.

o Provides compliance under the Data Protection Act.
o Has the potential to reduce your business costs.
o Reduce human error by using the latest data storage technology.
o Helps the environment by eliminating the requirement for backup drives and tapes.
o Offers substantial discounts for existing Clients and introductory offers for new Clients.


Seager also has the provision to collect and store office furniture or other miscellaneous items should the need arise, whether on a short-term or permanent basis. Although, these types of items will still be entered onto ProStore, they will be dealt with differently. In order to protect them and minimise the space they occupy, they will be palletised and wrapped. The charge is then based on the square footage utilized and the length and time in store.

Special or High Value Items
Because of the need to be able to cater for special items such as wills, deeds or backup data, Seager has created areas of extra high security within the warehouse. These include caged and vaulted areas, as well as fire proof safes and cabinets.

Whatever you need, Seager will endeavor to facilitate your storage requirement.


There will come a time when items in store need to be destroyed. Depending on the item, this may be confidential destruction or simple disposal. If items have a destruction date on them when they are brought to the store, this date will be entered against that item and the client will be contacted at that time to confirm destruction is to take place. The client may also request destruction of items at any time.

Confidential Destruction
Upon receipt of an order to confidentially destroy items, instructions relevant to those items will be created within ProStore as with any movements. All paper and cardboard will then be shredded and recycled. A destruction certificate is issued, which with the original order and instruction, will show a clear audit trail of the secure destruction of the items.

If there is a requirement for confidential material at the clients premises to be shredded, Seager will supply confidential waste sacks and security tags. Once the sacks are filled and sealed, collection will be arranged and the contents dealt with as any other confidential destruction.

Simple Disposal

If items are to be simply destroyed, Seager will ensure they are destroyed by the most effective and environmentally friendly method. As with confidential destruction, an instruction will be created by ProStore to show a clear audit trail of the destruction.

Disposal of items will be subject a movement fee and whenever possible we will recycle any items in line with our current environmental policy.